Tilbury 275kV Substation SGT1 & SGT2

National Grids Supergrid Transformer 1 (SGT1) and Supergrid Transformer 2 (SGT2) at Tilbury 275kV substation required replacement due to their condition.

The Works included detailed civil, primary and secondary design and engineering, Project management, SHEQ management, the removal of redundant in-situ primary and secondary equipment, structures, foundations and bund walls etc. 

Procurement of materials and equipment, civil works, installation and commissioning of new primary equipment, protection and control modification works, LVAC upgrades etc. During the replacement of the transformers and switchgear (VTs / Circuit Breakers), busbar disconnectors and earth switches / line disconnectors and earth switches were refurbished. 

One of the challenges of this project was the safe transportation of the Hyundai SGT from the port to the site via a temporary site access point through the substation and onto the plinth. GTDS managed the Hyundai heavy transport contractor and Transerve, the installation contractor. GTDS also managed and installed all the temporary works associated with the installation of the SGTs. 

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